Embedded finance with FundFluent

With FundFluent’s Funding API, you can embed funding services into your platform. Help your small business customers access funding and grow their business.

Enhance your platform with FundFluent’s APIs for free.

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We provide you 100+ funding options

to small businesses, e-commerce and SaaS companies


Embedded finance with FundFluent

FundFluent provides your platform with the most comprehensive funding information and tools to create a personalised funding experience for your users.

Use cases designed for partners

Book Keepers

Help your customers access to eligible fundings with the insights from the accounting book

Software/IT Vendor

Unlock the eligible funding options to subsidise the technology development cost for your clients

Marketing Agency

Package your marketing initiative and service offering with the customised funding strategy

Company Secretary

Help your business customer plan for the future funding strategy from day-1

Co-working Space

Share the latest funding opportunities to your tenants and keep them always posted

Start-up Accelerators

Embed the funding service into the programmes to support the start-ups through streamlined experience

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Fully integrated funding experiences

Build once to our Funding APIs. With just a few lines of code help your small business customers access funding and grow their business.

Funding API
Access the government grant database and discover business funding provided by our partnered lenders.
Funding Intelligence API
Leverage our proprietary funding data, insights and intelligence. Empower your users to build data-driven funding strategies.
Eligibility Check API
Identify government grants and business funding options that your customers’ business is eligible or qualified for.
Why FundFluent?
  • Market-leading coverage
    The most comprehensive and up-to-date funding data points for your customers to access funding with ease
  • Standardised Information
    Complex funding information are organised and standardised to FundFluent’s unified data model
  • Flexible Integration
    We adapt to you and your platform. Our support can range from simple to full-suite integration for embedded funding
What our partners are saying

FundFluent allows us to build a thriving creator economy. It is an exciting partnership because this space isn’t well understood by traditional financial industry.

Co-Founder at Popared
Ling Chan