Build a Flexible Funding Strategy

Discover the optimal mix of funding options that help you capture growth opportunities.

Funding options come in all shapes and sizes

We help you discover and secure non-dilutive funding options so you can grow your business in a sustainable way.

A unified platform to build and execute your funding strategy
Mix and Match
We help you build a strategy that considers grants, loans and everything in between.
Priority Management
Always know the next step you should take to move your business forward. We help you stay laser focused.
Get Insights
Access insights and benchmarks of funding strategies used by competitors and businesses like yours.
Stay On Track
We are your accountability partner for funding. We remind you of application deadlines and pending actions.
Dynamic Matching
We notify you of new matches and make sure your funding strategy
caters your current needs.
Team collaboration
Invite your colleagues to the single view of the funding pipeline and all related documents which are securely stored.
Simple company registration and
setup to maximise your options
Company Registration
Start a business in Hong Kong,
register and get incorporated through a completely digital process.
Company Secretary
Every limited company is required to have a company secretary in Hong Kong. Get unlimited access.
Virtual Mailroom
Get a registered address in Hong Kong for your company registration application. Paperless mail forwarding.
Business Account Opening
Having a business bank account gives you credibility and is a common requirement for many funding options.
Toolstack Consultation
Set your business up in a way which allows an easy and low-maintenance way to share data with funding partners.
Legal Consultation
Get your startup and small business legal questions answered. Set your business up in a way that automates your legal needs.
Let’s work on your funding strategy together
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