Start a business in Hong Kong with our partner Sleek

August 18, 2022
2 minute read

We’ve partnered with Sleek to give digital entrepreneurs the ability to register their company, and manage their governance, accounting and tax compliance completely online.

“Any customer who signs up to FundFluent will receive an exclusive 5% discount on all of the services offered by Sleek.”

Hong Kong is a record-holder for having one of the world’s freest economy and environment that supports entrepreneurship. Any person (foreign or local) above the age of 18 can set up a Hong Kong company. Now is the best time to fulfil your be-your-own-boss dreams.  

We are on a mission to help new-age entrepreneurs to start, build and scale their businesses. By partnering with Sleek, we empower aspiring founders to turn their great idea into a brilliant business. The company registration process is 100% digital, with free access to Sleek’s legally binding e-signature service, SleekSign.

Through our platform, businesses receive actionable insights from Day 1 and get access to funding options tailored to their specific stage of growth.  

For those in their super-early stage of growth, the most relevant options might be navigating the start-up funding and government grants available. For those doubling down on their first evidence of product-market fit, there are several flexible funding options from our innovative partners.

We are looking to empower this world to become more SME friendly and couldn't think of a more suitable partner. We are so excited to work together with Sleek to accelerate the growth of the SME ecosystem through technology.

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